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When lives depend on coordinated action, you need a communication system that will interconnect everyone flawlessly—because every second matters.

Why choose Motorola Solutions for Project 25 (P25) products?

We know you have choices. We know that all P25-certified products will work together (because we test them all). So why should you choose our products?

Because compromise isn’t an option.

Millions of first responders in thousands of agencies across the world: they trust our products to keep them safe. Every day, we leverage decades of experience and innovation to bring you the very best in life-saving communications technology.

Our team of experts will deliver everything you need: from ultra-reliable two-way radios to a complete turn-key system.

APCO Project 25 (P25) is a worldwide standard defining public-safety-grade two-way radio communications. Designed for extreme reliability in challenging environments, it’s deployed across the world for mission-critical communications.



Interoperability – when you need it the most

When that big disaster strikes, help will come. Your neighbors and partners will arrive with rescue teams and life-saving equipment. Now your challenge is how to deploy them effectively. Without communications, it will be chaos.

The complete P25 solution

Looking for more than just components?

With our portfolio of P25 radios, infrastructure, dispatch consoles, and software applications, we can build you a complete communications system.


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