Latest Features in Review

The purpose of the application release notes is to provide information regarding the latest enhancements made within this version of POC PTT.

POC—Latest Features In Review

In review, v.3.42 of the POC featured the following:

Indoor Positioning

With our focus on enhancing real-time monitoring solutions, we are pleased to offer Indoor Positioning features via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Beacons— now available for POC Android mobile users.
Identifying the specific area of where an emergency occurs helps businesses respond quicker, know the specific location of the nearest staff to assist and provides analytics later to determine possible unsafe zones within a facility. Whether you’re using POC or POC + CYRN, our Indoor Positioning system integrates seamlessly with existing POC Emergency Alerts to offer additional information and accuracy. As and extended layer to embedded device emergency actions or to CYRN panic button’s SOS functionality, the indoor positioning feature provides more pinpointed localization for incidents in progress.
As an employee safety solution, POC integrates industry-leading enterprise push-to-talk with wearable emergency panic buttons and indoor positioning to meet and exceed clients’ compliance and safety standards.

LINX Integrates with Low Energy Bluetooth Beacons


v3.53 UPDATES:

POC Push-To-Talk Solutions Include:

  • A robust and feature richdispatching dashboard formonitoring your mobilefleet
  • An intuitive and easy-to- use voice & data mobileapp on Android & iOS
  • A network provisioning toolused to manage all users,set permissions, definegroups and settings, andupdate devices.
    •Advanced analytics andcomprehensive reporting

Indoor Positioning: In Depth Review

POC integrates with industry standard Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons.

POC is designed to integrate with and support multiple Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon protocols
including Eddystone, iBeacon, and AltBeacon in order to offer our clients the widest possible range of
configuration options.

How It Works:

  • Beacons are configured in the POC Provisioning system and are set to report continuously to
    ensure the highest possible accuracy.
  • When an employee presses their Emergency Alert Button or CYRN Panic Button, the application
    communicates with all nearby beacons to determine the exact location of the employee and
    immediately sends out POC Dispatcher Alerts and CYRN text message alerts where applicable.
    NOTE: If the user moves after triggering an Emergency Alert, their location will update in real-time.

NOTE: If the user moves after triggering an Emergency Alert, their location will update in real-time.

Dispatch and Administration Review:

  • During an Emergency Alert, when the closest beacon location
    changes or the distance from the beacon varies more than one
    meter, a new beacon update is sent to the system.
  • The Dispatcher Live Module, History Module and Alarms
    Module will all contain the beacon info, as do the user’s
    map-based info bubbles within each of the application’s
    dashboard tabs.
  • Administrators and Managers can run a POC Alerts Report to
    extract detailed Indoor Positioning historical data.
  • To run the report, click the “Open Reports” button in dispatcher,
    then select, “Alerts Report”.

POC System Performance Analysis Feature Review

The POC System Performance Analysis tool is for
users who want to dig deeper into their data. We
encourage you to put POC to the test and see for
Contact Support to enable this feature.

  • To view Voice Statistics, select a unit within the LINX
    Dispatcher, then click “View voice statistics”.
  • Voice Intervals, Details for packets sent to and from
    audio server will be shown for units
  • Call Latency details included in the Dispatcher
    1. On the History tab, run history
    2. Click on the members icon to open the panel
    3. The call members will be shown with connection time

POC Device Battery Monitoring Feature Review


  • If this feature is enabled, the Dispatcher will be notified of the battery life or charging status for all LINX devices in real time from both an icon on the menu or the unit’s info bubble on the map.
  • If a device is offline, the last known battery status will be shown until the device logs back in.

Version 3.53 POC Two-Way Radio Integration Enhancements:

Version 3.53 of POC features:
Integration of Tetra SDR

  • LIP protocol only
  • Text messages, GPS, alerts, ARS of all radios, and Voice for one group
  • No callouts -the alerts received can have a priority based on which a different
    sound is played in the application
  • Fixed voice interruptions when receiving voice from TRBO and Tetra.

POC Mobile Device Release Features

Version 3.53 of POC Mobile Device features the following enhancements:

iOS Enhancements
Indoor Positioning:

  • Indoor positioning is now available on iOS. POC is designed to integrate with and support
    iBeacon Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon protocol in order to offer our clients the widest possible
    range of configuration options.


  • Dark mode is now available for POC on iOS. Dark Mode
    makes it easier to stay focused on your work, reduces eye
    strain, improves battery life and improves visibility for users
    with low vision and those who are sensitive to bright light.


  • Reconnection notifications play after a configurable timeout
    from service connectivity, including when you are in lowcoverage areas,

Messaging and File Transfer:

  • iOS users can now record video clips and send as attached files up to 100Mb on POC
  • A better file picker and previewer for improved user experience has been added.
  • More document types are now supported, including PDFs.
  • File attachments save locally and are removed at logout for data security.

POC Hardware Integration in New Release

Version 3.53 of POC has specified intents written to open rigged devices for use with POC.

POC Radio Devices
Added Intents for the following devices:

  • TalkPod N50, N59
  • Kirisun W60_65
  • Inrico T199 new firmware support
    fixes connectivity issues)
  • Hytera PNC370 Integration—
    dedicated Private PTT Button
  • Crosscall Core-X4
  • Samsung XCover Field Pro

Tested and approved new Low Energy Bluetooth Beacons:

  • RadBeacon USB
  • RadBeacon Dot
  • HPE Aruba LS-BT1-20 USBs
  • BlueUP Mini
  • BlueUp Maxi
  • BlueUp Forte
  • BlueUp Tag
  • Estimote Proximity

POC Dispatcher in New Release

Version 3.53 of POC Dispatcher includes the following enhancements:

Module Enhancements  Integrations:

  • The first version of our POC PTT Web SDK is now available. If you are interested
    Battery Monitoring:
  • Icons will not show when the feature is not present
  • Icon will display as gray when devices are offline

Improvements, Code & Bug Fixes in New Release

Mobile Apps

  • Send correct battery updates when charging—expanded battery monitoring icon notification pallet to include offline units (gray) and improve the accuracy of battery updates
  • GPS is more stable when app is in the background—optimizations to improve GPS tracking with POC running in the background


  • Sub-Account— add password field to receive new password
  • Forgot Password Feature

POC delivers a feature-rich, professional PTT solution with team tracking and traditional dispatch features into the hands of your mobile workforce. Using broadband and WiFi, the IP connectivity ensures your accessibility and reachability under even the worst conditions and environments, stretching coverage to nearly all areas worldwide. Through the benefits of mobile technology and internet connectivity, and because of its simple, intelligent and innovative guidance, you won’t need any hefty training, IT team to install, or to buy expensive hardware to start using the complete POC system easily and immediately.

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