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The Talkpod N86 is a mid-tier public network in-vehicle LTE/4G two-way radio. Cleverly engineered, the N86 provides users unrivalled coverage limited only by the cellular network. The N86’s slim uncomplicated design is a welcome addition for fleet managers wanting a dedicated two-way radio style PoC device that can be easily operated without unintentionally accessing other apps or android settings in the ordinary course of operation.

The ultra-reliable N86 is ideally suited to many android PoC apps; it has crystal clear loud audio and a comfortable, ”in-hand” fist mic.

One of the most pleasing aspects of the N86 and certainly one of the many qualities that separate it from the pack is its ability to roam cellular sites and vote for the best usable signal with the greatest bandwidth to rapidly deliver an optimal level of service. The speed that this occurs is like no other device. The N86’s ability to switch between 3G and 4G cellular signals at speed leaves its competitors in its wake; it is genuinely outstanding, setting new standards in the Australian PoC market.