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The Talkpod N50 V3.3 specifically designed for the Australian market is a mid-to-high end public network handheld radio. It boasts a simple, slim two-way radio like design that is sleek, lightweight and certainly catches the eye.

The Talkpod N5 Smart series is exactly what the Australian Network / PoC radio market has been screaming out for, a well engineered, fast, great looking Android device that looks and feels like a traditional portable two way radio and functions in a way that more than meets consumer expectation.

Talkpod devices are extremely well engineered, deliver a great in hand feel and provide a durability level that assures user confidence.

Functionality wise, perhaps the most pleasing aspect of the N5 Smart series of devices and certainly one of the many qualities that separates it from the pack is its ability to roam cellular sites and vote for the best usable signal with the greatest bandwidth to rapidly deliver an optimal level of service. The speed that this occurs is like no other device. The N50A’s ability switch between 3G and 4G cellular signals at speed leaves its competitors in its wake, it is truly outstanding setting new standards in the Australian PoC market and places the Talkpod N5 Smart series in a class of its own.

The N50’s simple and uncomplicated design coupled with the speed at which it operates, crystal clear loud audio, dual SIM and great looks make it an extremely attractive option for any organisation.