Radar & ILS


Radar & ILS

Thales Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar (MSSR) that gives controller total support in severe air traffic conditions. The Mode S functions cover selective interrogation, elementary/enhanced surveillance, and full data link.

Key features:

  • More than 200 operational references in 53 countries
  • Contributes to radar separation standards
  • Full Mode S functionalities validated by EUROCONTROL
  • Stand-alone or co-mounted with a primary S-band or L-band radar
  • Range up to 256 NM Scan rate up to 15 rpm
  • Meeting Euro control Mode S Station Functional Specification (EMS 3.11) and IC.


Instrumental Landing System (ILS) is an internationally normalized system for navigation of aircraft upon the final approach for landing. It provides the horizontal as well as the vertical guidance necessary for an accurate landing approach thus in conditions of limited or reduced visibility. It is a guidance and control system in the process of approximation of the aircraft. It facilitates the pilot distance information and guiding the aircraft to the longitudinal axis and the plane to land right in the center of the track and with enough space to slow descent. These aids provide maximum safety during maneuvers most critical air navigation and are an essential part in severe weather situations.

  • More than 700 systems sold worldwide
  • Certified for operations according to ICAO CAT I, II and III
  • ICAO CAT III proven landing experience in all weather conditions
  • High maintainability supported by user-friendly remote control and monitoring
  • Versatile system configurations
  • Highly resistant to severe weather conditions
  • Latest solid state technology design with enhanced reliability and signal stability


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