Nitro Private LTE

Nitro Private LTE


Nitro delivers enterprise-grade private LTE that outperforms Wi-Fi while providing unmatched simplicity and control.

Experience a first.

The fully-managed platform that delivers lightning-fast private LTE broadband data.

On-premises private LTE

Don’t bring consumer broadband to a commercial site. With twice the capacity* and up to four times the range* of Wi-Fi, Nitro private LTE lets you do more with less.

Extend your existing devices

Deliver seamless, secure, high-fidelity voice conversations across your campus or even between countries with WAVE PTX and MOTOTRBO voice interoperability.

Full management and control

Focus less on managing your network and more on leveraging its performance. Remove the hassles of network management while enabling full control of your operation via a cloud-based portal.

An end-to-end private LTE partner

Because we manage the solution end-to-end, you can rest assured that all network components are tested and validated to work seamlessly together.

*Based on 802.11a standard for 5.0 GHz Wi-Fi using similar channel bandwidths.


Nitro Helps Pittsburg Schools Bridge the Digital Divide

The City of Pittsburg and Pittsburg Community Schools successfully launched a private 4G LTE network, connecting students in the community with at-home educational resources.

Evolve LTE handheld

Combining the capabilities of an Android device with the ruggedness and reliability of a business-critical push-to-talk device, using 3G, 4G private LTE and Wi-Fi.

Built for your environment

Rugged with superior audio quality and power for multiple shifts, Evolve gets the job done anywhere you do business.

Intelligent interface

Immediate access to the data flowing in and out of your enterprise, so you can make informed business decisions.


Less downtime, lower cost of ownership, and comprehensive fleet management keep the control of your fleet in your hands.

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