DVR 15HD High Definition over Coax Hybrid Video Recorder


DVR 15HD High Definition over Coax Hybrid Video Recorder

The TruVision® DVR 15HD (TVR 15HD) by Interlogix is a cost-effective, digital video recorder with 4, 8 or 16-channel capabilities. The DVR 15HD utilizes TVI high definition technology to deliver mega pixel quality over standard coax cable. This recorder can also start with analog cameras and provides an easy one-for-one exchange for analog to IP cameras as a system is being migrated to an IP video system.

Camera Support

  • Standard or TVI analog camera connection capability
  • HD-TVI over coax technology that supports up to 5MPx HD resolution (4MPx IP resolution)
  • High definition TVI cameras that can be used with standard RG59 coax cable
  • Full channel one-for-one exchange for analog to IP cameras

Recording Capabilities

  • 4, 8 or 16-channel real-time recording
  • Up to 12TB of internal storage
  • Time lapse, event, alarm and manual recording settings
  • E-mail notification upon alarm with attached images
  • One-button video archive via USB 2.0
  • Disk analysis for graphical hard drive evaluation

Installation and Operation

  • Compact chassis for 4-channel model and slimline housing for 8/16 channel recorders
  • Familiar, user-friendly interface
  • Start-up Wizards for quick and easy installation, search and playback

Local or Remote Control and Monitoring

  • PTZ and dome camera control via mouse, front panel, IR remote control or optional TVK-800 IP Keypad
  • HDMI output for high-quality local viewing
  • Triple monitor support – HDMI, VGA and Analog
  • Native integration with TruVision Navigator software
  • Remote control via mobile apps
  • Mac® Safari® browser plug-in

A built-in Web browser and access via mobile apps allow users to stay connected remotely via any Web-enabled device. Login via smartphone or tablet to view, search and monitor facilities, people or valuables. Native integration with TruVision Navigator, the DVR 15HD integrates easily with existing systems and features a familiar, user-friendly interface. Start-up Wizards make installation and DDNS setup quick and simple.

The DVR 15 HD is available with up to 12TB of internal storage capacity and videos can also be archived using a USB memory stick. For user-friendly, remote management and reliable recording, the DVR 15HD represents a comprehensive solution to fit a user’s needs and budget.


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